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Wealth Building & Estate Planning for Creative Intellectuals..._

In July 2023, Joanna "Jo" Smith became fully licensed in the State of Connecticut as a Financial Service Provider. She has since added licenses in the State of New York, New Jersey and North Carolina, as well. 
The goal was clear, Give the People of God a chance to stabilize themselves in the vision and gifts they've been given by Him. 
_liza b'lliant heir_ is focused on helping Artistic Entrepreneurs fight the cliché trope of starving artist and cultivate legacies and wealth through empowering financial knowledge and support services. With over 25 Years in Music, 10 years in Design and 5 years in Publishing, Jo is a "Jane of All Artistic Trades" and believes that one of the reasons artists are financially at a disadvantage is because the Financial Industry blatantly overlooks them.
"We simply don't have access to wealth accumulation vehicles, but it is important to be prepared for a billion dollars. Especially, because that is the only way one can attract it!"- Jo

_liza b'lliant heir_ seeks to be the national leader in financial services for artistic tradesmen by 2033. Every dream is a vision, and every vision deserves a plan.

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