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Music Producer/ Recording Artist

Born in 1988 on October 7th, Pernel Wilberforce Smith, Jr.'s mother- a Paterson, New Jersey detective- gave birth to identical twin boys. The complications in her delivery caused her first-born son to become ill at birth. The twins’ father, Pernel W. Smith Sr., feared that he would not leave the hospital with two children. So, in a modern take on the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, the second born became the junior. The two boys grew up Seventh Day Adventist, with the guidance of their godfather.

While in The SDA Organization, P developed a true passion for who God is.  His keen adoration for inspirational music was birthed in church worship services. So much so, that P taught himself to play piano and guitar to further develop his individual praise and worship experience. Music came naturally to him, as a jazz musician at Rosa L. Parks High School of the Fine & Performing Arts, in his hometown. 


There, in high school, Pernel was trained as a saxophone player, following Kenny G closely, for inspiration. The school band helped P develop his unique three-part production sound, comprised of soundscapes, smooth jazz, and dance vibrations- equally measured in quality. His music creates a Faith-Based, Inspirational sound that can double as film scores by setting the scene, before lyrics are added.


With church deeply embedded into his character, P struggled after high school to have the “fun” most teens and young adults have. All of his friends were his family and church members, but not all of them were committed to sexual abstinence until marriage, like he was. As a result, P was branded with a spotless image that he would resent as he got older.

Attempting to be more like his peers eventually led P to the most shameful moment of his life, the loss of his virginity in a Jamaican nightclub. P. Smith, Jr. was so inebriated that he still is unable to fully recall much about the incident. In hindsight, P believes that God kept him from the full experience of this mistake, out of His abundant mercy.

Perhaps, God knew the shame would be enough to gain P’s undivided attention, moving forward. For, it was this acknowledgement of God’s covering over P’s life that led him to rededicate his body to God. But what about his life? 

P also was incarcerated over a speeding ticket. It's a testimony he attributes to God's call to service in the dark places, where P's light is potent for Elohim's glory. He has been in servitude to The Creator ever since. He married his bestfriend, Joanna "Rain" Raphael and formed The BlackLoveSmiths in obedience to God's call on their lives. To read P Smith, Jr.'s full testimonial bio, click here.

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