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The BlackLoveSmiths (The BLS) are a Faith-Based, Urban Contemporary Duo comprised in two parts: a witty female singer/songwriter named Joanna "Jo" Smith and a cinematic music producer P. Smith Jr. The two married in September of 2020, during the Covid-19 Pandemic and set out to please The Most High God with their efforts to share The Bible promises with an exclusive group of listeners, they call LoveSmiths. ​

As recording artists, The BlackLoveSmiths soundtrack the unchurched and churchless believers of El Shaddai, who may feel misled by the man-made constructs of religious organizations, and the politics that have become common in many Christian denominations. Those who have faith testimonies that don't fit into the traditional box of "The Church", but that are not lacking in spirit or in truth are also the ideal listener of The BLS. Their music is to remind all LoveSmiths that they are not alone in this world, and that the still small voice of The Holy Spirit is not reserved solely for the Pharisees and Sadducees of modern day.


To be a "smith" is to be an artisan at a specified skill set. Therefore, the work of the LoveSmith is love. Like blacksmiths, the BlackLoveSmiths work with rigid materials to create new tools that we all need, in order to "do the work of the Kingdom", together. One day, when our work is done, we hope to leave the world equipped with the fruits of the spirit, for the glory of God. We are laborers of love and vessels of His will. Our God is the god of all creation, and His grace is sufficient for us all...

"Marriage. Ministry. Music.
                           We do The Work "

                                                             - The BlackLoveSmiths

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